The True Cost of Living in Gulf Shores Alabama | Alabama’s Coastal City

Gulf Shores, Alabama, is recognized as one of the most affordable beach towns in the United States. With its beautiful coastline, welcoming community, and lower cost of living, it’s no wonder that Gulf Shores has become a popular relocation spot for retirees, families, and those seeking a budget-friendly coastal lifestyle. Let’s explore the true cost of living in Gulf Shores Alabama.

cost of living in gulf shores alabama

Affordability and Popularity

Gulf Shores offers the unique opportunity to buy beachfront homes for under a million dollars. Highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, Baldwin County, Alabama, is an attractive destination for people priced out of other coastal areas. The cost of living in Gulf Shores Alabama is significantly lower than in many other coastal regions, making it a highly sought-after place to live.

Community and Real Estate Options

Gulf Shores maintains a small-town vibe despite its growing population, currently under 17,000. The area features affordable homes and condos near the beach, with property taxes much lower than in states like Florida and California. This affordability is a key aspect of the cost of living in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

  • Islandwood Community: Located 3.5 miles from public beaches, this community offers craftsman-style homes around $500,000 and is near the Gulf Shores Golf Club.
  • Waterside Resort Community: Features coastal-style homes on the Little Lagoon with amenities like a pool and pier access.

Other Housing Options

  • Cottage-Style Homes and Condos: Perfect for those seeking smaller, more affordable properties, with prices ranging from $400,000 to over a million.
  • Inland Homes: Communities like Aventura offer newly built homes in the mid-$300,000 range, featuring gold fortified standards for insurance discounts and storm safety.
  • Inland Condos: Affordable one and two-bedroom condos are available for around $200,000, providing basic but comfortable living options.

Growth and Development

Gulf Shores is experiencing rapid growth due to its affordability and tourist appeal. The city is actively improving infrastructure, including road expansions and new amenities to support the growing population. This development further enhances the cost of living in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Tourism and Economy

Gulf Shores attracts nearly 8 million visitors annually, significantly contributing to the local economy. This influx of tourists supports local businesses and city development, making Gulf Shores a vibrant place to live.

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