Is Building a Home in Baldwin County, Alabama Worth It?

With rising home prices and limited inventory, building a home in Baldwin County, Alabama can be an attractive option for many. Let’s explore the pros and cons to help you decide if building a home is right for you.

building a home in baldwin county

Rising Home Prices and Low Inventory

The real estate market in Baldwin County has seen a significant increase in home prices and a limited inventory of existing homes for sale. As the fastest-growing county in Alabama, it’s a competitive market for buyers, making new construction an appealing alternative.

Benefits of New Construction

Building a home in Baldwin County can be more affordable than purchasing an existing one, even with the rising costs of construction materials and labor. New homes offer modern amenities and energy-efficient designs, often making them more attractive and attainable for prospective homeowners.

Rapid Growth and Development

Baldwin County is experiencing rapid growth, with many new construction homes replacing prairies and farmlands. Despite this development, the area retains its rural beauty, great weather, proximity to beaches, conservative values, and excellent school systems, attracting many new residents.

DR Horton and Other Builders

DR Horton, the largest home builder in the U.S., dominates the Baldwin County market alongside builders like Lennar. With DR Horton’s recent acquisition of Truland Homes, their presence has further increased in the area. While opinions on builders like DR Horton vary, many residents are satisfied with their new homes. It’s a good idea to talk to current residents and inspect homes in person to assess the quality.

Affordability and Incentives

Builders are motivated to sell “spec homes” (homes built based on the builder’s selections), which can be more affordable and have quicker closing dates. Buyers can also choose “pre-sale” homes, allowing customization during the building process.

Interest Rates and Financing

New home builders often offer rate incentives through their preferred lenders, significantly reducing monthly payments and overall loan costs. These lower interest rates make homeownership more attainable, especially in a market with rising rates and home prices.

Comparative Costs

A recent study showed that building a home in Alabama might cost slightly more than buying an existing one. However, this doesn’t account for the current high-interest rates. Builders offering rate incentives can make new builds a more attractive and affordable option.

Gold Fortified Homes

Many new homes in Baldwin County are “gold fortified,” providing additional savings on homeowners insurance and increased protection against severe weather. This added benefit makes building a home in Baldwin County even more appealing.


Building a home in Baldwin County offers modern amenities, affordability, and various incentives that make homeownership more attainable. If you’re considering a move, building your new home in Baldwin County might be the perfect option for you.

Ready to Start Building a Home in Baldwin County?

If you’re thinking about building a home in Baldwin County, reach out to us for more information and assistance with your relocation needs. We’re here to help you find the perfect new construction home.

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